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Health, Aged Care, Pharma & Biotech

Australia has strong capabilities in the health sector and much experience in aged care. China, in its current five-year plan, aims to increase life expectancy and deal with challenges from chronic diseases, environmental and food safety, and its aging population.  China needs overseas service suppliers to deliver health, medical and leisure services. China is a leading market for biopharmaceuticals and looks to build global networks in research, development, production, and sales. Medical tourism, manufacturing of health supplements, high-end medical equipment and even fitness for all are on China’s shopping list. There has been a surge in Chinese investment into Australian healthcare including health supplements, services, and private hospitals.

“Healthy China’ will see China’s healthcare industry worth more than 8 trillion RMB by 2020. By 2025 more than 25% of China’s population will be aged over 60, aged care and every aspect of service has a need for foreign help to address this huge challenge as China heads towards being a ‘super-aged society’.